An all inclusive e-learning platform enabling education everywhere.

M-Tutor brings together the best e-learning technologies to provide learners, educators, academic institutions and organisations with the most comprehensive e-learning platform on the market today.
Designed to be highly flexible and customizable, allowing educators to scale the user-friendly, robust and secure platform to suit their needs.
And most importantly, is mobile and can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Our Offer for Schools & Partners:

Schools and Academic Institutions seeking to expand their education offering with a mobile learning platform.
National governments experiencing education infrastructural challenges and educator shortages.
Educators wanting to generate earnings through our global network of students.
Non-Profit institutions & NGO’s wishing to ‘donate’ education to struggling communities.
Sport Academies seeking flexible options for their members.
Corporations seeking flexible learning options for their staff.

Our Offer for Individuals

Online learning is the future – and that means it’s more important than ever to support educators and engage students in the virtual classroom.
Online engagement is easier with Class, a web conferencing tool that adds essential capabilities for educators to the standard Zoom platform.

E-learning for a Mobile World.

The M-Tutor App accompanies the student and tutor learning experience, providing access to your curriculum on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
With M-Tutor’s free app, you can learn at your own pace, download content to watch anytime, test your knowledge, track your progress and earn certificates.

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A complete online solution for schools.
Given the current education challenges presented by Covid-19. M-Tutor contains a full curriculum and assessment platform, virtual classrooms giving student the face to face contact they need to thrive with live tutors and performance analysis.
Independent course offerings accredited by the M-Tutor Academy.
M-Course enables people around the world to start, or continue their learning journey at their own pace. Featuring fully accredited courses in multiple languages and a range of academic subjects from business to literacy to the arts and much more.
A digital home for some of the world’s leading universities.
M-College provides a digital platform for Universities to expand their offering to a global audience. Students can enroll and earn fully accredited qualifications from top universities from anywhere in the world.
Learn any instrument from our global network of music teachers.
M-Music brings a global network of musicians and the latest virtual technologies to offer music lessons and assessments on a huge range of instruments and genres. The platform features interactive instructional videos to follow at your own pace and live sessions with music teachers around the world.
A world-class, remote coaching and assessment platform.
M-Sport is a global community of players, coaches, clubs and sport centers. We combine live coaching and direct player to player networking with the latest technologies in live streaming and automated body and shot tracking.
A Financial literacy and savings program.
An interactive and gamified program to teach learners how to budget, accumulate and apply their savings via a mobile rewards platform. The platform enables partners such as financial and investment institutions to connect with learners to educate and reward their financial proficiencies.